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Paris VIP Auditorium

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The cost of renting a VIP-hall for watching a movie:

Shows before
6 pm
700 uah
Shows after
6 pm
900 uah

Have fun!

Friends, Palladium Cinema is the only one that offers you a unique service: viewing of the cinematographic masterpieces and sporting broadcasts on your choice. You are offered a cozy showing room for the company of seven friends where you can support your favorite club sitting on the easy leather seats and inflaming your sporting interest with the drinks from our bar and cuisine from our menu. And if you would like to amaze the chosen one in a style, take our advice and create the romantic atmosphere with a help of the glass of vine and a hearty picture from our film library. The list of films is replenished every day. If the picture which you would like to see is not in our list, you can order it by phoning us twenty-four hours before.

Special offer
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